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Laurel Dennis

Our daughter Laurel started taking from Coach Malaver around the age of 8.  Her tennis knowledge and skill progressed rapidly.  Moreover, she learned so much more than Tennis.  Life skills that she recognizes came from her experience with Coach Malaver.  These things have carried into her other sports as well.  Coach Malaver will challenge his students to excel.  He is the adult on the court and assumes the role of Coach/teacher/parent as though his student is his child.  He teaches them technique, psychology, etiquette, sportsmanship, strategy.  Raul Malaver and his family are now part of our family.  We respect him greatly.

“Raul brings a wealth of knowledge and experience - both as a player and a coach - to anyone trying to play high level tennis.  Before training with Raul, my tennis experience had generally been limited to the Southeastern United States.  Raul helped prepare me for the national and international level of competition I would face in college tennis and ITF level tournaments.  One of the most important skills he instilled in me was in addressing the mental and strategical side of the game.  Once you reach a certain level everyone can “hit the tennis ball,” but wins and losses are often times decided between the ears.  Many of those same lessons apply outside of tennis, in life as well.  I am grateful for Raul’s instruction and guidance.

Nicholas Vlahos

Michael Johnson

For those who dont know, Raul Malaver was  my coach from when I was 7 years old, until I moved to Texas around my 12th birthday.  He not only taught me the game, but more importantly he instilled the drive and motivation that carried me through the ups and downs of the last two decades of my tennis career. His lessons will continue with me as I pursue law school and the rest of my life.  Without you Raul, I would have been a very different person, I would not have been able to do the things I did through tennis, and I am a better person.  


Raul and I have won the same National championship for the NAIA

Brennan O'kefe

Raul is the most knowledgeable and experienced tennis professional along the Gulf Coast. I began playing tennis around the age of 10 and began taking lessons from Raul at the age of 13. He instilled a love for the game of tennis in me that I will take with me throughout my life. He elevated my tennis game to a level I would not have been able to obtain without him. He perfected every aspect of my game from my ground strokes and serve and further how to outsmart and outplay any opponent. Additionally, Raul helped me hone my mental game, which plays a large part in succeeding in tennis. I won 2 state championships and the backdraw of the nationals doubles tennis championship playing college tennis at Mississippi Gulf Coast and none of this would have been possible without Raul’s expertise. If you want compete with the best players across the country, Raul is the coach that will help you perform at this level. 

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